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Advantages of Using an iPad POS System

Freshness is one of the reasons why you should use an iPad as a point-of-sale system for your business. Lloyd Swords, the owner of the Harper and Madison coffee shop, chose to use the iPad POS system because of this great factor. Using an iPad as a point-of-sale system has many other advantages besides the social envelope for your business. Below are some of the companies that have advantages in using iPad as a POS system.shopify.com/pos/software

a) They are excellent customer service tools

For businesses such as restaurants, portable devices like the iPad and mobile gadgets means that your staff can make paying the bills more convenient for the customers. Your staff can take the iPad point of sales systems direct to where your customers are. Pads and other mobile devices can perform other tasks which point of sales systems can’t do. With other additional applications, they can act as inventory for your stock, catalogues, and create a great buying experience for the customers. Think of how you can generate a lot of sales if a customer was looking for a red dress and you showed her five more red dresses right from your iPad.

b) It streamlines the sale process

Streamlining of the sales process in your business can make an iPad POS an excellent tool for boosting sales. Having Point of sales capability can make your staff make sales right on the spot while the clients are fully engaged on the product. Hence it saves the customer the walk to the cash register in which they might start reflecting on the purchase, or even worse get tired from queuing and decide to abandon the purchase.

c) A great defensive sales strategy

Over the year’s shopper’s behaviour has changed. A large number of shoppers are walking in stores with mobile phones armed with retail apps and mobile web. They stand in your store and start comparing your products and prices to those of your competitors and checking the reviews and the ratings.

If you are a retailer and you have employees on each floor of your store, then you should consider getting them mobile devices even if the only thing it will do is to give them access to the retailer’s web store.

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d) Environment-friendly

Receipts can either be emailed to clients or uploaded to websites that have their passwords protected. A lot of customers are now opting for electronic receipts. The reason is that they are seen to be more convenient, and they don’t waste a lot of resources.

e) Low learning curve

The iPad point of sales system offers a simple user experience. Since it’s easy to use it makes the process of training employees simple, swift and straightforward. With this type of system, your staff won’t take a lot of time in learning. A majority of staff will learn the system after fifteen minutes of training.


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f) Powerful features

A lot of iPad POS systems come with powerful and great features that are not available on the traditional systems. The features include loyalty solutions, Shipping integrations, inventory tracking and direct ordering for restaurants.

g) Faster checkouts

The cloud has a high speed which is coupled with software that’s often updated with the iPad making checkouts to be easy and quick. Other POS providers like the Revel have offline modes which allow you to continue accepting payments even your connection isn’t stable.


Whether your small business has a large customer base or not, using an iPad POS system can have numerous advantages for your business in terms of cost as compared to the traditional point of sales systems.