3 Point of Sale Systems that Are Excellent at Inventory Management

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Read this article and take a look at some of the best Point of Sale (POS) systems that have excellent inventory management functions!


When looking for a new POS or Point of Sale system, you usually focus on things such as design, price, how simple is to use, and etc. However, for any restaurant or retail establishment, one of the most important elements of a Point of Sale system is inventory management.

Most POS Systems come with built-in inventory management tools, however, each one is different, especially when it comes to functionality and features. There is no point to stick with a POS system that can’t help you determine your profits, maximize your profits or simply analyze your inventory.

We would like to present you a 3 great Point of Sale systems that are excellent at inventory management:

  1. Lavu – Point of Sale solution for restaurants and food-service businesses. Its inventory management features are powerful and robust enough to handle small retail stores. It has a modern and simple interface and it is completely customizable to your business needs. It has real-time inventory monitoring optionand immediately informs you when an item is out of stock. Lavu also provides easy-to-read reports on the items you are selling and can track customer trends to help you and your team predict profitable items.
  2. Hike – This is an affordable POS system with incredibly robust inventory management that could be used for cafes or small food carts. This is the perfect option for businesses that want their team to interact on the floor with the customers. The employee management is also a powerful feature. Overall, the system can handle an unlimited number of items and large amounts of inventory. Everything can be automated, from setting up reminders to re-ordering and shipping products between stores. The purchase ordering option is great, as well as, the ability to track orders online.
  3. Revel – This name has become one of the most popular names in the POS world and today stays at the forefront of the POS industry with expanding integrations and constant updates. It has a flexible pricing structure and it is equipped for retail businesses and restaurants. The inventory management contains all the functions you may need to run a successful business. The inventory levels can be seen in real time and notifications can be set up when items are running low.

Happy selling!

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