iPad POS: What Are the Best iPad Stands for Point of Sale (POS) Systems

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With the right stand, the iPad can upgrade your POS system in no time! Read and discover the best iPad POS (Point of Sale) stands!


It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking about opening a small business or you are interested in upgrading your current Point of Sale system, you might consider implementing and using iPad POS.

There are so many businesses that have combined services such as Paypal and Square with a few iPads to design a POS system that is modern, cost-effective, and fun. If you would like to get an iPad-based Point of Sale system up and running, you will need a proper stand.

In this article, we will share the best iPad stands for POS systems:

  • Square Stand for iPad – One of the best and most popular iPad POS stands. It transforms the iPad into a POS device with all necessary features, accepts chip payments, contactless payments, and swipes. The customers can swipe their card using the Square stand itself. Also, they can pay via NFC and chip using the Square contactless reader or chip reader. By downloading and using the free Square POS application, you can send digital receipts, collect customer feedback, calculate discounts, taxes, create sales reports, accept tips, manage inventory, track sales across payment types, store customer cards, and etc.
  • CTA Digital Case with POS Stand (anti-theft case) – A great iPad POS stand with an affordable price. This stand comes with a lockable case and with a metal stand that can be fixed and secured to a table and a security cable lock with a key. If you want to adjust your POS system, the stand can easily rotate 180 degrees and adjust for portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Logi Base iPad Stand with Smart Connector – This stand is specially designed for iPad Pro. It is one of the best accessories on the market that works with iPad Pro’s smart connector, keeping it fully charged while in use. If you are worried about theft, we recommend you to get a security cable that will go along with this Point of Sale stand. This stand isn’t for every Point of Sale system, it is perfect for small businesses that want to make use of the iPad for other tasks.

Are there any stands you would like to add to your inventory? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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